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 About Me

I was born in Hartlepool (England), growing up i was into cartoons, skateboarding, slight of hand magic, comics, drawing and films.

Most recently i worked on a Virgin Media Short with Arcus Studios where i did the coloring, lighting and shading for main character in several scenes, this helped me to improve my skills in 2D and gain a stronger understanding of working in a professional environment.

On the 12th May 2010 I was featured in the Hartlepool Mail as part of there Mail 2 Lifestyle Supplement, from this I have gained a lot of interest in my animation from people asking how they to can get into the field of animation and where they should start. You can read all about it HERE.

My passion for animation stems from being a child an watching my favourite cartoons on a saturday morning, i loved how something that was drawn could have such character and emotion to it and knew that it was something that i wanted to do in life.

I moved to Middlesbrough to study Digital Character at Teesside University where i was taught everything from 2D & 3D animation to Lighting and Rendering Effects but my passion was still for animation so i joined an animation program called The Guardian Training Program that was ran by industry animator DJ Nicke.

In my spare time I find myself working on my skills and finding new techniques to enhance my own work by studying the likes of Gobelins, Animation Mentor, CalArts, Vancouver Film School, Jason Ryan, Pixar, Dreamworks and Blue Sky as well as as that I also create tutorials ranging from rigging to illustration to help others.

I am also a avid follower of many animation and illustration forums on the net and submit large content to help other animators that may be struggling.

Monkey Boy
(Ashley Stringer)

Download My Résumé: HERE.